Camille Kelly-Raheem realizes the joy of pursuing passion and capitalizing upon one’s individual strengths. As the Founder of CKR Outreach Ministries and CKR Inspirational Enterprises, she enjoys the opportunity to inspire and encourage others to continue on their path to greatness. Expressing the importance of continuing to move toward one’s personal and professional goals despite challenges, Camille’s motto is, “walk into your destiny and be ALL God has created you to be”. ​

​Camille faces every challenge with optimism and positive energy, refreshing enthusiasm,a good sense of humor, and the appreciation of the gift to connect with people from all walks of life. Having a true love for people and a sincere desire to encourage individuals, Camille has been blessed to be able to connect with others by numerous outlets. She’s been privileged to reach people by working for an organization that served 2.5 million people, through hosting her very own talk show (The Speak Life Show-WTGS Fox), through inspirational messages via social media, through speaking engagements at conferences and workshops, and through speaking with individuals on a one on one basis. Extremely passionate about helping others, to Camille, it does not matter if she is speaking to one person or a million at a time. The end result is to up-lift, inspire and lead others to walk into their destiny and be all God has created them to be. 

Camille received her Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Communication from Armstrong Atlantic State University. In 2008 she began an awesome journey at Seton Hall University to pursue her Master of Strategic Communication & Leadership degree, further strengthening her leadership & communication abilities. She has received advanced career management & life coaching training from an international coaching federation accredited program. As well as, she has completed an advanced ministerial education program at Living Word School of Ministry.  ​​Camille has a strong belief in education and recognizes that knowledge is indeed powerful, her greatest lessons have been those that only life can teach with her favorite companion, the Bible. She approaches every day with the faith that, she "can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth" her.

Camille Kelly-Raheem